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Website Development

According to research by W3Techs, WordPress represents 39.7% of all websites on the internet [1]. Over a third of the web! Develop your website, blog or portal with us using WordPress. With it, you can add, edit and schedule posts through a visual WYSIWYG editor, which stands for What You See Is What You Get , that is, what you see is what you get , exactly like a visual editor in Word or similar. Also, create menus, edit pages and manage people in a simplified way on your website.

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Brand Identity Design

The purpose of this service is to help your company or personal brand to have a well-established identity, from the website’s logo and theme to the adaptation of this theme on the main social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. These channels are part of your brand’s ecosystem , and your website or app is at the center. Nothing is more important than promoting and making your company , service or brand relevant in your own territory, that is, on your website, where you have complete control and long-term return. Get personalized advice to establish your identity.

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Custom Creations & Solutions

If you need to update your website or application, or start a new project on a platform other than WordPress, we also have the ideal solution for you. Here you can request the work or the update of a specific project and we offer the consultancy and customized solution for you and your company.

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SEO, Marketing & Boosting

The purpose of this service is to optimize the coding on your website or application so that it can be organically positioned on Google and other search engines, that is, having your content found by keywords without investing in campaigns. But also depending on the need, a certain investment in paid traffic is appropriate, when it comes to relevant content, which needs to reach your target audience in a faster (hence the term boosting), precise and segmented way.

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How to Solve a Customer Marketing Case


The case is based on a real resolution made for an information technology company in the interior of São Paulo, as part of a stage of a selection process, which was successful. The resolution was fully developed by the author of this site. The case proposal was made by the company. In order to avoid problems with reproduction and authorship in the Case proposition, texts and data were modified.


An autonomous web development agency with an entrepreneurial bias, notably focused on Individual Microentrepreneurs.

In a decade, to be a reference for MEIs in increasing the visibility of their ventures on the internet. In the background, also contemplate the EIs – Individual Entrepreneurs, whose turnover is higher, but has in common with MEI the individual performance.

Wide visibility and affordable digitalization of your business on the web.